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About David Austin


I am a career artist living and working in Duluth, Minnesota. My work is a reflection of the amazing scenery that this city offers. Industry and nature in cooperation and conflict have been a staple theme of my abstract artwork for years.  

I earned my BFA at NMU with a specialty in ceramics. I have pieces in the permanent collections at the University of Michigan, a painting sculptural installation at the Oakwood health system in Dearborn, a large public sculptural installation at Portage Public Library, and finished public sculptures for the Battle Creek Public schools through the W.K. Kellogg Expert in Residence program. I began my professional art career designing, building, and installing public art. I have pieces throughout the state of Michigan. Many of my pieces are also in private collections around the world.

Although ceramics was my first love over the decades I discovered my love of abstract painting. After owning a gallery and helping to begin an arts co-op I have decided to center my energies on my personal art and career. 

My love of the arts began early. My mom, Sharyn, was a gifted artist and art teacher in Battle Creek, MI. My father, Earl, was a lifelong professional photographer with a keen eye and dry sense of humor. They always encouraged me to express myself through the visual arts which was a gift that I treasure every day. One of my favorite things to do as a parent myself is to create with my children. Painting, drawing, sculpting, sandcastles building... All of these activities with my children inform my studio work. 

This year during the pandemic lock down I fell in love with art again as I processed the loss of my mom in March, the intense lockdown, learning how to parent a toddler, and being a business owner. I discovered that without daily intense studio time I was unable to function. I picked up my brushes with renewed zeal and need. I also discovered hot press cotton paper and began to play with different paint applications and different media. Using my moms paints and brushes as I evolve as an artist is a poignant experience that is imbuing my work in 2020. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey. Check back often as I am adding new paintings and products often. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and now TikTok.